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Oxetta Callback Reports

When building a report, any reporting engine needs a source for the information that will be printed in the report. Unlike many reporting engines that can receive this information from databases only, Oxetta is also able to get this information directly from your C/C++ application thru a callback function. When an Application calls Oxetta to print or preview a report, it can provide Oxetta with that callback function, and Oxetta will launch that function every time it needs to print something or make a decision.

Oxetta callback function prototypes are described in the OXETTA.H header file as:

ANSI version: int PASCAL __stdcall function-name(char* szBand, char* szElement, char* szValue, void** ppParam);

UNICODE version: int PASCAL __stdcall function-name(WCHAR* szBand, WCHAR* szElement, WCHAR* szValue, void** ppParam);

When Oxetta needs the calling application to provide it with any information, it calls this callback function, passing in the function parameters:

Oxetta calls the callback function in the following cases:

For an example of Oxetta callback function usage please refer the Sample application included into Oxetta installation.

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