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Oxetta Database Reports

If you create a database report, i.e. you specify SQLite or ODBC in the Report Type property of Oxetta report, Oxetta will retrieve all information you need to print on paper from database you specify in the Database Connection String property of Oxetta report.

However, Oxetta will still call the callback function you've provided Oxetta with it when launching Oxetta. For database reports, Oxetta launches the callback function using absolutelly same rules it launches it for callback report. The only difference is that in callback reports, Oxetta does not have information that should be printed in report and you, the calling application developer, have to provide it to Oxetta in your callback function, and in database reports Oxetta has all necessary information required to build reports and calls the callback in order to give you more control (ability to correct the information loaded from the database) on how the report will be printed.

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