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Oxetta Print Preview Function

To preview a report the application calls the following OXETTA.DLL function:

ANSI version: int PASCAL __stdcall oxiPreviewA(char* szReport, COxiCallbackA pfnCallback, void** ppParam, char szError[1024]);

UNICODE version: int PASCAL __stdcall oxiPreviewW(WCHAR* szReport, COxiCallbackW pfnCallback, void** ppParam, WCHAR szError[1024]);

In the szReport parameter the application provides Oxetta with the file name (with full path) of the report that should be built

In the pfnCallback parameter, the application provides Oxetta with the pointer to the callback function Oxetta will use to retrieve information from the application. If you do not need to provide Oxetta with a callback function, please pass NULL in this parameter.

The ppParam parameter can be used by your application to pass certain information from the function that launches the oxiPreview function and your callback function, and between callback function calls. Oxetta does not use the value of this parameters by itself but carefully passes it to all callback function calls.

szError buffer is used to return the text of the error occured when trying to generate the report (if any).

oxiPreview returns 1 if the report was generated successfully and 0 otherwise.

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